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Rs 120
Patanjali Amla Murabba (1kg)Daily use of Awla increase immunity. It helps in preventing the baldness..
Rs 85
Patanjali Amrit Rasayan This is a useful compound that nourishes the mind. It enhances the ment..
Rs 250
Patanjali Chyawanprash (1kg) It is the superb Compound which has a traditional reputation in prevent..
Rs 140
Patanjali Amla Candy (500gm)We find all the good qualities of Amla. Amla Candy helps in maintaining ..
Rs 145
Patanjali Amla Chatpata (500gm)It benefits digestive capacity, cures stomach related problems and be..
Rs 140
Patanjali Apple Murabba (1kg)Rich with antoxidants and perfect for health. In our country, we have o..
Rs 130
Patanjali Badam Pak (250gm)Patanjali badam pak is a rich source of vitamin E and other nutrients.It ..
Rs 250
Patanjali Badam Pak (500gm)Patanjali badam pak is a rich source of vitamin E and other nutrients. It..
Rs 140
Patanjali Bel Candy (500gm)This works best against diarrhea and dysentery. It normalizes digestion. ..
Rs 110
Patanjali Bel Murabba (1kg)Cures problems related to the digestive system and beneficial in Chronic ..
Rs 55
Patanjali Gulkand (400gm)Gulkand or rose petal jam is a sweet Indian delicacy. It is easy to prepare..
Rs 115
Patanjali Harad Murabba (1kg)Helpful in eradicating Constipation, increases appetite and increases d..
Rs 55
Patanjali Mango Candy (250gm)Mango Candy-250 gmProduct should be used as per the guide line and unde..
Rs 250
Patanjali Special Chyawanprash (Saffron) 1kgPatanjali Special Chyawanprash with Amla (Indian Goosebe..
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