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Rs 6,313 Rs 5,200
AH 26AH 26 powder and resin are mixed to produce a root canal filling material of excellent sealing ..
Rs 4,779 Rs 4,400
AH PLUSAH Plus Root Canal Sealing Material is a two-component paste/paste rootcanal sealer based on ..
Rs 3,500 Rs 3,110
AquaCemAquaCem is a light-yellow, translucent glass-ionomer luting material consisting of a blend of..
Rs 8,885 Rs 5,900
Aquasil Soft PuttyAquasil Soft Putty is a very high viscosity impression material with optimum flexi..
Rs 5,655 Rs 5,610
Aquasil Ultra Light LVAquasil Ultra LV/XLV Smart Wetting Regular Set and Fast Set is a quadrafunctio..
Rs 8,335 Rs 4,400
Aquasil Ultra Monophase    •     It is a quadrafunctional hy..
Rs 2,052 Rs 1,620
Barricaid Periodontal Surgical Dressing    Visible Light Cure Periodontal Surgic..
Rs 10,012 Rs 8,680
CalibraCalibra Esthetic Resin Cement is a visible light-cured, dual-cured or self-cured high strengt..
Rs 1,289 Rs 1,130
Caulk Tray Adhesive 14mlCaulk Universal Tray Adhesive is Suitable for all vinyl polysiloxane impress..
Rs 5,940 Rs 4,450
Cavity Access SetCavity Access Set allows you to remove the whole pulp chamber roof giving you acces..
Rs 9,607 Rs 9,500
Ceram•X Duo+Specifications    •     Just 7 shades covering c..
Rs 6,565 Rs 4,500
Core X FlowDual-Cure Build-up Material and Cement for Endodontic Posts.Core•X flow consists of two-c..
Rs 3,033 Rs 2,380
Dentsply Delton FS+ Complete KitDelton FS+ provides a quick and simple technique for applying se..
Rs 1,620 Rs 1,500
Detrey Conditioner-36DeTrey Conditioner 36 is a blue-tinted gel containing 36 % phosphoric acid for ..
Rs 1,699 Rs 1,500
Dycal Dycal Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition is a rigid, self-setting material useful in pul..
Rs 2,660 Rs 2,485
Dyract FlowDyract flow is a universal compomer restorative material with flow characteristics which ..
Rs 12,225 Rs 10,650
EasyPost 0.8EasyPost is a composite combination of an epoxy resin matrix reinforced with zircon enri..
Rs 460
Endo Access Bur (Cutting Head)The Endo Access Bur is a combination of a round and cone shaped cours..
Rs 51,840 Rs 37,660
Endo ActivatorAn easy to use & safe solution to activate your irrigation.ONE FACTFluid activatio..
Rs 9,180 Rs 6,200
Enhance Polishing System KitThe Enhance Composite Finishing & Polishing System is designed for u..
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