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Rs 564 Rs 520
GC Aroma Fine PlusAlginate Impression MaterialBased on GC’s extensive knowledge of alginate material..
Rs 23,124 Rs 16,700
GC CAPSULE MIXERDigitally Controlled High Speed TrituratorDigitally controlled high speed capsule mi..
Rs 3,000 Rs 2,900
GC Cartridge Dispnser IIImpression Materials DispenserGC CARTRIDGE DISPENSER II is used to extrude i..
Rs 825 Rs 690
GC CavitonTemporary Filling MaterialTemporary filling material for standard cavities and after endod..
Rs 4,012 Rs 3,400
Ceramic Primer A2ml/B 2mlGC Ceramic Primer is an adhesive used to bond laboratory resins, composites..
Rs 6,042 Rs 4,910
GC Coe-ComfortTissue ConditionerCOE-COMFORT is a self-curing, chairside edentulous tissue conditione..
Rs 6,042 Rs 5,580
GC Coe-SoftSoft Relining materialAcrylic temporary relining material to buffer masticatory pressure ..
Rs 2,550
GC Coe-PakPeriodontal Dressing in tubesTwo component material for wound dressing, to cover stitches ..
Rs 991 Rs 950
GC Dentin ConditionerCavity Cleaning AgentThe 10% polyacrylic acid solution cleans tooth surfaces to..
Rs 700
GC Dry Mouth Gel (Fruit Salad Flavor) 40gmCan be used by denture wearers, children, and etc.; anyone..
Rs 2,780
GC Dry Mouth Gel (Orange Flavor) 40gmCan be used by denture wearers, children, and etc.; anyone expe..
Rs 800
GC Dry Mouth Gel (Raspberry Flavor) 40gmAvoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush immediate..
Rs 840
GC Dry Mouth GelFor Discomfort due to Dry MouthGC Dry Mouth Gel is designed to ease the symptoms of ..
Rs 1,280 Rs 1,100
Elite 100 Zinc Phosphate CementElite 100 is unbeatable in terms of its physical properties such as s..
Rs 9,853 Rs 8,100
Epitex Starter KitProduction Specifications    •     Ultra-t..
Rs 4,098 Rs 3,450
Everstick C&BThe use of everStick C&B fibre reinforcement offers a unique treatment method f..
Rs 11,880 Rs 9,075
Everstick OrthoTotally metal freeBlends with the natural tooth shadeCan be re-activated and are easy..
Rs 4,950 Rs 4,650
GC everX PosteriorFiber Reinforced Composite For Dentine ReplacementGC everX Posterior is a fib..
Rs 2,790
GC Exabite II NDS VPS Bite Registration CremeExabite II NDS VPS Bite Registration Creme is an improv..
Rs 2,055 Rs 1,960
GC Exaflex InjectionVPS Impression MaterialEXAFLEX is a significantly advanced, addition reacti..
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