Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem that affects millions of people

If you pass on hot or cold drinks because you know they’ll make your teeth hurt, it may be time to talk to your dentist about the possibility that you have sensitive teeth.
Take Care of Your Tooth Enamel
That’s a hard, protective layer that helps your teeth deal with everything you put them through. When it’s gone, nerve endings that cause pain are exposed.

Don’t brush too hard
Do you clean your teeth with a heavy hand? You might be taking off more than just plaque. Side-to-side brushing right at the gum line can make your enamel go away faster. You should use a soft-bristled brush and work at a 45-degree angle to your gum to keep enamel clean and strong.
Avoid acidic foods and drinks
Soda, sticky candy, high-sugar carbs -- all of these treats attack enamel. Instead, snack

Unclench your teeth

Over time, teeth grinding wears away your enamel. Sometimes, addressing your stress can stop the problem. If that doesn’t work, your dentist can fit you in a splint or a mouth guard. 
If the problem is severe, you may need dental work to change your teeth’s position or a muscle relaxant.

Take a break from bleaching
The quest for pearly whites may cause your pain. Thankfully, sensitivity to bleaching is usually temporary. Talk to your dentist about how the treatment might be affecting you, and whether you should continue it.

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