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Cement & Temporary Filling

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Rs 690 Rs 490
Cavit G Temporary Filling Material 28gmTemporary RestorativeProduct Details    &..
Rs 4,787 Rs 3,050
Ketac Cem EasymixProduct DetailsProven 20 years clinical experienceGlass Ionomer CementExcellent bon..
Rs 3,500 Rs 2,500
3M ESPE Ketac Cem Glass Ionomer Luting CementA permanent glass ionomer luting cement in a hand-mix v..
Rs 10,500 Rs 8,150
RelyX Luting 2 CementFeatures and Benefits Immediate and easy excess removal after 5-second ta..
Rs 2,702 Rs 2,250
RelyX Temp NEEugenol-free, therefore universally applicableIndependent on whether subsequent cementa..
Rs 267 Rs 165
Ammdent CavitempCavitemp is a ready mixed Temporary filling Paste which sets in contacts with saliva..
Rs 643 Rs 600
PC-SealPC SEAL (Poly Carboxylate Cement ) use for fixation and lining. Fixation of metal metallo por..
Rs 967 Rs 800
Premium GI LutingFor Crown & Bridge luting purposeMicro fine powderUltra thin film concept with ..
Rs 400 Rs 380
Regular GI FillFor GIC filling an Core Built UP with good strength Type-ll Glass ionomer cementIts a..
Rs 421 Rs 305
Ammdent Zinc Phosphate CementZinc Phosphate Cement is used for Luting permanent metal restoration an..
Rs 160
Zino-GenCavitemp is a ready mixed Temporary filling Paste which sets in contacts with saliva.Cavitem..
Rs 300 Rs 285
Hydraulic Temporary Restorative MaterialE-Temp is a temporary filling material for standard cavities..
Rs 4,750 Rs 4,550
Perfect partnershipLuxaCore is the optimal adhesive luting cement for the fiberglass-enforced compo..
Rs 450 Rs 375
DPI Glass Ionomer Universal LiquidDPI Glass Ionomer Universal LiquidDPI Glass Ionomer Universal Liqu..
Rs 280 Rs 190
DPI KalzinolDescription and Features : A rapid setting radiopaque Zinc Oxide / Eugenol resin bonded ..
Rs 1,425 Rs 1,285
DPI Luting Cement PackRadiopaque GlassIonomer Luting CementDPI Luting Cement is Type I glass ionomer..
Rs 2,376 Rs 2,010
DPI Silver Reinforced CementDPI Silver Reinforced Cement is high compressive strength micro glass wh..
Rs 1,188 Rs 980
FGM Opallis Flow Flowable Composite 2gmOpallis Flow is a radiopaque, light-curing microhybrid resin ..
Rs 2,934 Rs 2,250
GC FreegenolTemporary Luting CementGC FREEGENOL is a patented, non-eugenol temporary luting cement. ..
Rs 8,904 Rs 7,250
GC Fuji CapsuleEnhanced, Self-Cured Luting Lining CementGC Fuji I Enhanced Self-Cured Luting Lining ..
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