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Impression Materials

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Rs 7,570 Rs 7,400
Imprint Bite Registration Material RefillWith a fast working time and set time, Imprint Bite Registr..
Rs 7,481 Rs 5,100
3M ESPE Soft Monophase Polyether Impression MaterialElastomeric Impression MaterialProduct DetailsOu..
Rs 4,807 Rs 2,400
3M ESPE Soft PuttyVinyl Polysiloxane Impression MaterialProduct DetailsGood balance, tear strength, ..
Rs 325 Rs 305
ALGIN PLUS TROPICALHigh precision alginate for impressions with chromatic phase indicator. Innovativ..
Rs 575 Rs 550
Impression Tray PackAutoclavable TrayHigh retention for the impression materialsFull arch autoclavab..
Rs 1,650 Rs 1,625
Angelus Impression Trays Autoclavable Set     Easy to cut: allows customization in..
Rs 950 Rs 910
Metalpin (400)3 sizes: easy to adapt Mechanical undercuts: retention for the relining resin&nb..
Rs 800 Rs 750
NECLEOJET Prefabricated polycarbonate structure for the construction of cast metal posts...
Rs 65
Cavipac Calcium Hydroxide PowderBactericidal calcium hydroxide powder for use in root canal therapy...
Rs 6,880
Coltene Magic FoamCord INTRO KITPVS materialEach intro kit contains 2x50 ml, 30 mixing tips, 30 oral..
Rs 8,335 Rs 4,400
Aquasil Ultra Monophase    •     It is a quadrafunctional hy..
Rs 300 Rs 280
JeltrateChromatic aliginate for impression 450gm..
Rs 401 Rs 320
Jeltrate Chromatic AlginateJeltrate Alginate Impression Material is an irreversible hydrocolloid mat..
Rs 305 Rs 250
Zelgan Alginate 2002 is a dust-free alginate impression material complying with ISO 1563 and EN 2156..
Rs 1,300 Rs 1,200
DiaDent Temp BlueLight Cured material with nano-sized silver for temporary/intermediate restoration..
Rs 700 Rs 650
Temporary Stopping GPTemporary Filling Material Gutta PerchaTemporization material - provides a comp..
Rs 2,200 Rs 2,100
DMG Honigum AM (50 ml)The innovative precision impression material based on A-silicone combines..
Rs 5,664 Rs 5,260
DMG Honigum MixStar MonoHonigum MixStar Mono DMG Honigum MixStar Mono Honigum MixStar Mono is a Crow..
Rs 6,700 Rs 6,250
Honigum Putty VPS based precision impression material with a putty consistency.Unique Snap Set..
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