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Rs 2,000 Rs 1,800
Mandrels Refill RA (1983)OverviewLow-profile mandrel design reduces risk of marring the restoration..
Rs 250 Rs 230
Fabricated in high performance polymerResistant to contact with chemicalsFabricated in high perform..
Rs 3,000 Rs 2,870
Angelus IntermediumCalibrating Ruler for Gutta-Percha Points IndicationsCalibration of gutta-percha..
Rs 1,101 Rs 790
API Adam PlierAPI Adam orthodontic Pliers are usually used for adjusting orthodontic appliances.Stai..
Rs 405
A forceps used in grasping and extracting teeth...
Rs 405
API Adult Forceps (No-04)A forceps used in grasping and extracting teeth...
Rs 3,700
API Air Rotor Hand Piece Push Button Colored in hand piece performance, the most commonly quoted cri..
Rs 350
API PMT Diagnostic KitContains : MOUTH MIRROR - 1TWEEZER - 1EXPLORER - 1..
Rs 750 Rs 720
Largo Peeso ReamerThe Peeso reamers enlarge the canal and prepare the canal entrance.The Peeso can a..
Rs 1,050
Dentsply ProFinder Files Handpieces‎ 21mm (6 Pcs)Advantages:    •   &n..
Rs 4,450 Rs 3,420
Dentsply Protaper Rotary Files 21mm (6 Pcs)Protaper Universal is a comprehensive system specifically..
Rs 2,300 Rs 2,100
Raintree Essix Lab KnifeDentsply Raintree Essix Lab Knife is good for cutting distal ends on plastic..
Rs 2,875 Rs 2,700
Raintree Essix Universal Shears 8inchExcellent for quickly trimming excess plastic and more rigid ma..
Rs 3,000 Rs 2,900
GC Cartridge Dispnser IIImpression Materials DispenserGC CARTRIDGE DISPENSER II is used to extrude i..
Rs 2,050 Rs 1,200
GC Fuji Capsule ApplierApplier for Capsulated Products.GC Fuji CAPSULE APPLIER is used with all..
Rs 3,599 Rs 3,100
GC Paste Pak DispenserMaterial DispenserPaste Pak Dispenser is useful with all GC Paste Paks to disp..
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