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Rs 2,052 Rs 1,620
Barricaid Periodontal Surgical Dressing    Visible Light Cure Periodontal Surgic..
Rs 1,430
Plaque Test Refill 1x11gmPlaque Test Refill is a fluorescent disclosing liquid for detecting plaque...
Rs 4,660
Telio CS DesensitizerIvoclar Telio CS Desensitizer is a clear solution for reducing and preventing d..
Rs 2,478 Rs 2,050
AlveogylEugenol impregnated alveolar dressingINDICATIONS    •    ..
Rs 1,500 Rs 1,400
Lignospam Special2% lidocaine with 1:80,000 epinephrine injection solution.INDICATIONS  &n..
Rs 8,000 Rs 7,400
RTR Coneβ-tricalcium phosphate bone grafting material + collagenINDICATIONS    •..
Rs 1,888 Rs 1,550
Ultra Safety PlusNeedle stick injury prevention deviceINDICATIONS    • &nbs..
Rs 1,998 Rs 1,795
Xylonor Spray10% lidocaine analgesic solution in a metered aerosolINDICATIONS    ..
Rs 900 Rs 800
Cologenesis Colo Gide GTR Membrane Pack (10x15mm)The ColoGide is derived from bovine source. It is a..
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