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Rs 1,711 Rs 1,480
GC Fujirock EP Golden Brown 5kgGC FUJIROCK EP is the ultimate stone for producing remarkably fine/sm..
Rs 2,079 Rs 1,850
GC Inlay Wax MediumDental Inlay Casting WaxWax up for all restoration work such as inlays, crowns, b..
Rs 6,042 Rs 4,850
GC KoolinerHard Denture Reline MaterialKOOLINER is a hard, chairside reliner that has been formulate..
Rs 6,177 Rs 5,670
GC Pattern Resin LSSelf-Curing, Acrylic Die MaterialGC PATTERN RESIN LS is a self-curing, general pu..
Rs 6,042 Rs 4,900
GC Soft-LinerTissue ConditioningGC India’s Soft Liner is Tissue conditioning, an acrylic temporary r..
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