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Wrist & Forearm

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Rs 1,560
10 Forearm Splint with 2 StraysForearm Splint immobilises the wrist and can reduce pain due to carp..
Rs 480
Adjustable Wrist Band (NS-302)Provides firm support and compression to the wrist. Prevents sports a..
Rs 1,320
Fitness Gloves (NS-401)Neoprene support series are made of high grade closed cell neoprene sponge, c..
Rs 2,280
Hand & Wrist Splint with Breathable Lamination FabricSupport wrist and fingers.Post operation or..
Rs 480
Lycra Far Infrared Wrist Wrap SupportFor support.Light compression.Provides heat therapy.Improves bl..
Rs 580 Rs 555
Salo Cock Up Splint Neutral / Extension (205)Cock-UP Wrist splint (Neutral/Extension)Code : 205Ideal..
Rs 1,250 Rs 1,190
Salo Dynamic Extension Splint (204)Dynamic Extension SplintCode : 204Our Dynamic Extension Splint is..
Rs 1,150 Rs 1,095
Salo Forearm Brace (207)Forearm BraceCode : 207This splint is designed in such a way it immobilizes ..
Rs 1,340 Rs 1,275
Salo Forearm Brace With Wrist (208)Forearm Brace With WristCode : 208This forearm Brace with wrist S..
Rs 1,340 Rs 1,275
Salo Functional Hand Splint (210)Functional Hand SplintCode : 210This Functional Hand Splint is wide..
Rs 1,250 Rs 1,190
Salo Knuckle Bender (209)Knuckle BenderCode : 209It is an extension assist splint to bring mobility ..
Rs 1,020
Wrist SplintImmobilizes the injured wrist.Can be used on right or left hand.Ventilate Airmesh fabric..
Rs 540
Wrist Thumb SupportWrist Thumb Support is made of high quality closed cell neoprene sponges covered ..
Rs 300
Wrist with Velcro AdjustableProvides wrist support.Light compression.Provides heat therapy.Increases..
Rs 350 Rs 335
Salo Thumb Spica (305)Thumb SpicaCode : 305Thumb Spica is used to Stabilize and immobilize the MP an..
Rs 420 Rs 400
Salo Thumb Spica With Wrist (306)Thumb Spica with WristCode : 306Provides additional stability , imm..
Rs 180 Rs 175
Salo Weight Cuff 0.5Kg (405A)Podiatry & Exercise Cuff WeightCode : 405AThe Cuff weight pouches a..
Rs 240 Rs 230
Salo Weight Cuff 1Kg (405B)Podiatry & Exercise Cuff WeightCode : 405BThe Cuff weight pouches are..
Rs 380 Rs 360
Salo Weight Cuff 2Kg (405C)Podiatry & Exercise Cuff WeightCode : 405CThe Cuff weight pouches are..
Rs 1,240 Rs 1,180
Salo WHO Full Cock Up Splint (206) W.H.O. (Full Cock-UP) Code : 206 One of the most popular splin..
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