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Rs 90 Rs 30
Pressure Monitoring LinePressure monitoring line used in cases where highly accurate or fluent blood..
Rs 4,315 Rs 1,820
PTCA KitManifold3 Port Right On, IV Set Non Vented, Torque Device, PM line 50&100cm, High Pressu..
Rs 3,105 Rs 975
PTCA Y Connector KitPTCA Y Connector Kit provides an easy to use hemostatic device for both diagnost..
Rs 2,215 Rs 950
Angio KitAngio kit is a customized kit. The one way valve is connected to the one side ofmanifold. N..
Rs 940 Rs 780
Angiography CatheterAngiography guidewire is used to guide angiography catheter, to lesion artery in..
Rs 42,000 Rs 25,350
Aspiration CatheterClear Hunter takes control of the Aspiration process in sync with the proven lead..
Rs 1,035 Rs 390
Biopsy NeedleBiopsy needle help to reduce tissue shear. It also provides a clean path to work throu..
Rs 9,085 Rs 4,135
Central Venous Catheter (CVC) KitCarefully & Geometrically designed soft and conical tip of cath..
Rs 830 Rs 275
Control SyringeThe plunger tip and barrel are designed for consistent movement and smooth rotator ac..
Rs 80 Rs 50
CTVS Y ConnectorNewtech Medical Devices offers a variety of Y connectors. All given sizes are standa..
Rs 3,200 Rs 2,145
Embolectomy Catheter• Embolectomy Catheter Compatile with standard Guidewire to direct Catheter to ..
Rs 125 Rs 45
Extention lineExtention line is used to connect medical instruments. Fully transparent body ma..
Rs 2,935 Rs 1,050
Femoral Artery BandFeatures:• Luer lock fits both ordinary syringe and control syringe.• Tape with s..
Rs 90 Rs 25
Fistulla NeedleFistula Needle is used to drain a fistula. Ultrathin needle tube and sharp needle red..
Rs 1,035 Rs 325
Clear Wire General Purpose GuidewiresNewtech Medical Offer a non dedicated metal wire designed to po..
Rs 1,485 Rs 520
Clear Wire General Purpose GuidewiresNewtech Medical Offer a non dedicated metal wire designed to po..
Rs 6,610 Rs 4,290
Guiding CatheterLarge Lumen Guide Balancing Flexibility and Support• Workhorse construction suitable..
Rs 700 Rs 275
High Pressure Line Newtech Medical offers High Pressure Extension Lines and High Pressure Extension..
Rs 785 Rs 285
Introducer Needle Clear NeedleNewtech Medical Devices offer lntroducer Needle with smoother sur..
Rs 850
Sterile Oral Surgical Implant Kit DisposableSterile Surgeon Gown Full with Cuffs made from cotton La..
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